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Daydreamin' lyrics


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    Daydreamin' when I'm thinking of you
    missing all the things that we used to do
    dancing at the party on a saturday night
    it was cool
    Don't know how I could have been so blind
    the feelings that we shared showed all the signs
    love was right there in the palm of my hand
    for me
    She tried in every way
    to show how much she loved me
    I was a fool
    I just kept running away
    Could it be baby
    seems to me honey
    we should have been together from the start
    I'm all alone darling
    so far from home sugar
    girl I need you in my life
    walking' round
    all over town
    you're the love
    that I found
    baby, baby
    I wanna come back to you
    Here's my heart
    take my hand
    walk with me
    love will stand
    baby, baby
    I wanna come back to you
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